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    The following priorities guide the Sheriff’s Office:

    - To minimize injuries, deaths, and property damage resulting from criminally reckless behavior. 

    - To render aid to victims of violent crimes and to swiftly bring perpetrators to justice. 

    - To benefit the community through charity and assistance to the public and the maintenance of public property. 

    - To be cognizant of our own actions and safety so as to set an example for others.

    - To live and work in strict accordance with high ethical standards.

    - To respect and safeguard the rights of the citizens and visitors of the state.

    - To work to constantly improve ourselves and learn from our mistakes. 

    - To maintain a professional penitentiary system that respects those in the custody of the state.

  • Community First

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  • Chain of Command

    Sheriff: Jackson S. 1302

    Undersheriff: Vacant D.

    Commander: Vacant S.



    Master Sergeant

    Staff Sergeant


  • Mission Statement

    The Sheriff's Office of Cherokee and Atlanta counties affirms to uphold rigorous standards of service through adherence to high standards of behavior.

     These standards include stalwart honesty, reliability, impartiality, placidity, and bravery.

     We carry out this affirmation with the utmost professionalism and pride with a genuine desire to serve the people of the state to the best of our ability.

    We further affirm to consistently review the conduct of our members and the composition of our guiding documentation to ensure it continues to adhere to the expectations of our ethical standards and the people of the state whom we serve.


  • Air Support

    The mission of the Air Support Unit is to provide effective airborne surveillance and patrol support to the law enforcement agencies in Atlanta. Utilizing the precepts of community-based policing, unit goals and objectives in accordance with the Department's Mission Statement and Oath of Office.

    Parks and Wildlife

    The Atlanta Parks & Wildlife division is dedicated to providing unwaveringly diligent service to the people of the state of Atlanta through the protection of the natural world, its inhabitants, and its visitors. We strive to uphold the highest standards of ability, and in doing so ensuring that our parks, preservations, and protected areas are kept safe from encroaching parties acting in violation of the laws which guard these zones. It is our hope to uphold a green future for the beneficence of all florae, fauna, citizens, and tourists, of the state.

    Special Operations Group

    The Special Operations Group’s mission is to keep the citizens of San Andreas free from criminal activity through proactive policing efforts.  Special Operations members will focus on using their training, tools, and resources to prevent criminal activity through a variety of methods.

    At all times, members of the unit will treat citizens with respect and care.  Having a strong working relationship with the public will aid in the mission of SOG.


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