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    Chain of Command

    Chief of Police - Vacant

    Deputy Chief of Police - Washington I. 1602

    Police Commander - Vacant


    Our Mission

    The Atlanta Police Department is the primary law enforcement entity in the City of Atlanta, and we are committed to excellence in law enforcement. The goal is to make the city of Atlanta community a safe and desirable place to live, work, and visit. Our mission is to partner with the community to solve problems and improve public safety in a manner that is transparent, impartial, and consistent. 


    Our Values

    Integrity is at the core of our values and is the willingness to do what is right even, and especially, when no one is looking. Without integrity, other values would not exist. Officers are honest, truthful, and consistent in their words and actions making the department worthy of the public's trust. Officers shall be held accountable for their actions and are held to the highest degree of professionalism and respect.

    Volunteer Service is the ability to give up or push aside one's personal desires, to provide for the welfare of others. Officers are responsible for serving the public, without concern for their own safety. To serve the communities of Los Santos is to satisfy the needs of the organization, and in the case of our department, is to render service to our citizens and their organizations.

    Excellence is the last pillar of our core values. We should always be in continual pursuit of excellence. There is no place for the “we are good enough” mentality. Officers will always work on learning new skills and refining their current skills to perfect the service we provide for our community.

  • Canine Unit

    The Canine Unit is dedicated to assisting the Atlanta Police Department’s officers and the citizens they protect through the use of highly trained police canines. The unit strives for exceptionalism from both its dogs and officers. By utilizing the connection, a canine and a human can make; the Canine Unit can do many things under this trust that is built. With a variety of different specializations that are accompanied by different training and field-based exercises. The base training for the Canine Unit trains the dog and handler on the ability to find individuals and apprehend them. May it be tracking criminals or discovering remains, all handlers and their canine companions are skilled in that. Additional areas of training that can be attained at the will of the handler or canine are Narcotics and Ordnance Detection (NOD), Tactical Canine Operations (TCO), and Public Awareness & Safety (PAWS). With these advanced trainings, it gives numerous possibilities to unlock new skill sets and give back to the community. 

  • Detective Bureau

    As the Police Department’s most professional and elite officers, our objective is simple, provide the public with the highest possible levels of safety and security.  In the Detectives’ Bureau, we pursue this goal through intensive training and by holding our members to the highest of moral and ethical standards. Our mission is to continue the Los Santos Police Department’s service through the pursuit of complex criminal activity. 


  • Atlanta Port & Transit Authority

    The Port & Transit Authority's Mission is to ensure the utmost security, integrity and safety of all transit systems and ports in San Andreas. We keep the region moving and striving in our work while ensuring environmental protection all in one place. The main principles we go by are integrity, diversity & inclusion. With these priorities, and standard operating procedures, as our primary foundation, the division has committed itself to our mission; to keep the State of San Andreas thriving and moving.


  • Traffic Services Unit

    The Traffic Services Unit is composed of some of the most elite officers Atlanta Department has to offer.  Traffic Services Officers focus on traffic throughout the city to combat traffic collisions, drunk drivers and reckless drivers.  Our goal as a Traffic Services Unit is to keep everyone safe on the roadways and make sure everyone goes home at the end of the day. We use specialized equipment to detect general traffic dangers that occur on public roads. We focus on areas of high traffic and high incident rates. 

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