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    Welcome To CoastalSide Roleplay Community.

    CoastalSide Roleplay has just opened up 2022. Our approach to realism and professionalism along with a family orientated style of role play is what is going to mold this community together and together we stand to see this community grow. Having a place where people come to, together as a family and out of love to make role play fun is what CoastalSide Roleplay thrives to become. This community is built for us to love and get along with each other and also to be ourselves and to do what we most love. Role Play.

    Are You Looking to join us?
    CoastalSide Roleplay looks forward to seeing you on and around the streets of San Andreas. Please take the time to look through our different Departments that we have to offer. Departments that are available for all future members can be found under the ''Departments'' tab of the website.  Applications can be submitted through the 1st-7th of each month. All applications must be submitted during this time. Applications can be found under the ''Open Applications'' tab on the website. This will be unavailable during the non-active days of the recruitment cycle. If you're interested in becoming a part of Department of Corrections Role Play Community without a PC, we suggest you look into our communications Department. The Communications Department allows those without a PC or Physically joining us in game, to still be able to join and enjoy Role Play and expand or team.

    Our age requirement 
    CoastalSide Role Play Community Requires a age limit to help maintain maternity level  and goals for a huge success. Everyone age 15 and up are allowed to submit an application and is able to earn membership in Department of Corrections Roleplay Community. There is no exceptions to this age requirement.

    Thank you
    We want to thank; you, our Staff, Administration, fans, and members of CoastalSide Roleplay Community for taking the
    time and for poring your effort to dedicate yourself to thrive this Community that we will and are calling home.

    Together we are one, one we are multiple, and multiple we are a bunch, a bunch that we call family. We are CoastalSide Roleplay Community.
    CoastalSide Roleplay Community ® 2022

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